Eggless Cake

Walnut Chocolate Cake

Walnut Chocolate Cake

Take delight in the flavors of this eggless charming cake with your mouth encrusted with chocolate and walnut flavors. It is a cake that will dissolve with every bite and will leave you entranced by its taste. If you are eyeing for a cake that can enhance the enjoyment of birthday or anniversary, then this cake is a remarkable deal! Chocolate walnut cake is a luscious treat for the chocolate and nutty lovers. Made in a chocolate sponge, it has chocolate cream and is capped with exclusive chocolates and walnut carvings. Delightful dark chocolate inside and outside will leave the chocolate lovers soothing. Every bite of this chocolate covered cake will captivate you as it is made with moist sponge and roofed in dark chocolate and walnuts.

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